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How does a relationship with Clarity work?

Your relationship with Clarity is a partnership. We are here to help, but you remain in control of your destiny at all times. Our interactions will follow a general pattern, but because your organization is different from every other, sequences and content will be specific to you.

The Initial Interview

The Clarity process begins with a no-charge informal discussion. During this, we discuss what you perceive to be your organization's issues and/or needs. We briefly survey the "Four P's" of your entire organizational system: purpose, people, processes, and product, identifying areas of possible improvement and the potential means to achieve results.

The Proposal

Shortly after the initial interview, Clarity will provide you with an initial activity plan and contract, outlining the proposed steps to success and the additional information and interviews required for the plan to proceed. If you accept (perhaps with amendments), we move forward. If you feel that the Clarity solution does not meet your needs, we part company gracefully with the hope of a future relationship.

The Project

Exactly what happens next depends on the type and scope of the services involved in the project (see Getting Started for details). However, regardless of the project's size, Clarity will consult with you frequently to discuss progress and to adapt the plan to the latest developments and conditions. Every case is unique, so you will not be given a 'canned' checklist project — each step is built on the content and the results of the previous activities.

These assessments will also determine whether the project should continue. At any point, you are free to decide that your goals have been met, and you are equally free to terminate the relationship if you feel that it is not working.

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