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Client Testimonials

The following are letters from actual clients who have employed Brian's services, or from fellow consultants who have collaborated with Brian on projects.

Brian conducted a full organizational intervention with this client. Involving the whole team, he facilitated a multi-week self-diagnosis and problem-resolution process that resulted in concrete actions, ongoing improvement, and excellent teamwork. Brian also provided one-on-one executive coaching to Susan, the owner-director.
"Clarity" is an understatement for what Mr. Egan infused into the staff development process that our clinic organization asked him to accomplish. We experienced a dynamic process that brought us to a level of functioning that had evaded us previously. It illumined the overview and the details of our mission to each member of the team. It created an environment that drew out human excellence and respect, and it energized and catalyzed us all. Our clarity about our roles in relation to each other and to the clinic accelerated. The outcome was empowerment, palpable relief, and happiness of the members of the organization. Systems were falling into place. Productivity improved. We worked smarter.

Brian is so gifted and effective that I see I have found a goldmine for business success. He has and integrated understanding of business, organization, and people. He takes the art of facilitation beyond the norm to a level that must be experienced. Thank you, Brian, for your excellence and practical humanity.

Susan Brand, RN, LMT
Director - Owner
Specialty Care Clinic, Corvallis, Oregon USA

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The following two letters concern a "futuring" meeting Brian facilitated for the management and volunteers of the local Humane Society's thrift shop. Most of the volunteers had never attended a meeting of this sort before...

Heartland Humane Society was hoping to engage their diverse volunteers in the process of improving their thrift shop. First, Brian met with the Thrift Shop Coordinators [management] to identify the needs and challenges. Next a meeting was scheduled for all the volunteers, which Brian successfully facilitated encouraging input, stimulating communication and sticking with a tight schedule. The volunteers left feeling good about their participation in the process and the shop coordinators were pleased with the results. Brian's skills allowed for a successful completion of the process.

Judy Brazee
Manager, Cat's Meow Thrift Shop,
Heartland Humane Society, Corvallis, Oregon USA

Because of CLARITY, the volunteers recognized the real purpose, needs and goals of our organization to support the animals at Heartland Humane Society. Brian Egan's attitude, demeanor and the like is most professional. His knowledge and understanding of what it takes to motivate individuals to get the job done is exceptional. The implementation of Brian's suggestions and strategies resulted in a more focused involvement, interest and sharing by the volunteers in the management of the shop and to meet the goal of caring for the welfare of our animals in the community

Cathy Grimes
Assistant Manager, Cat's Meow Thrift Shop,
Heartland Humane Society, Corvallis, Oregon USA

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Brian consulted with this project manager exclusively by telephone and e-mail while helping plan and design her team's 'kickoff' meeting. Brian then facilitated the meeting, where the team met face-to-face for the first time...
Working with Brian helped me as the team leader to be able to focus on achieving the expected result from the meeting rather than focusing on the facilitation part. I was able to participate fully and contribute as part of the team rather than juggling roles. This was made possible due to several consultations with Brian before we had the meeting, during which time I was able to clarify the intent, expected outcome and results of the meeting and project, and Brian was able to propose different ways we could get the expected outcome. This collaborative approach helped to shape the structure of meeting, and identify the participants necessary to meet the intent.

This kickoff meeting definitely was a contributor to our success. We were a team of people from all over the world - very culturally diverse - we met, we aligned quickly, we made our plan and completed on target.

Project manager
Fortune 25 company, Ireland

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Brian designed and conducted a multi-day offsite meeting for this client...
Mr. Egan expertly assisted us in formulating future plans and resolving systemic issues we're facing. His facilitation skills and use of practical, down to earth approaches allowed us to bring about what we'd been trying to do for some time - naming a common understanding of how to move forward as a coherent team.

Global Sales Development Manager
Fortune 25 company, USA

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Brian worked with the following manager on two separate occasions. Both meetings had attendees from all over the world...

Brian facilitated a complex 40-people-strong design meeting over a 3-day period. He controlled, guided, coached and mentored the attendees to reach a design conclusion that enables [this Fortune 25 company] to meet its ... goals. The challenge for our team has always been to have someone who has the business knowledge and background who can then articulate ideas into reality. Brian does this with ease in a way, which makes the contributors feel that they have played a vital role in the endeavor.

[Another] team some years ago went through a phase in that the team had no real purpose, direction/vision. Team sharing and working virtually was a challenge for the team resulting in low moral and poor teamwork. Brian set up and managed a forum meeting which enabled people to share openly team dynamics, challenge direction and formalize our teams core value proposition and contribution at the personal and business level. This meeting took almost 4 days to achieve this and Brian through this time guided us to a final outcome that again is still used buy the team today.

I have no hesitation giving Brian a strong recommendation to anyone who may engage him to utilize his considerable and wide ranging talents to help design working and performing teams.

Manager of Corporate Account Services
Fortune 25 company, England

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This person attended a large international organization design meeting led by Brian...
Brian has a proven track record of facilitating groups of all sizes and from all business disciplines. His skills include providing structure to help a team brainstorm, capture the ideas, group and prioritize the ideas, and help the team to focus their energy on the critical issues at hand so they can set the direction required to accomplish the business objective. In the facilitation process, Brian observes and manages the group's energy to keep them focused and productive and consistently demonstrates his passion and excitement for the process.

Global Bid Management Manager
Fortune 25 company, USA

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The following author is a fellow consultant with whom Brian co-designed and co-facilitated a three-day Future Search Conference whole-system change event...
Brian and I worked together on a large process improvement project for [a Fortune 25 company]. His skills in planning the project and facilitating the process made the difference (especially at one critical point) between success and failure. Project goals of reducing variable costs by 25% and finding a job as good or better for any displaced employee were met.

Bob Goldman
Coherence Management Consulting
Salem, Oregon USA

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