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Brian B. Egan, MSOD, CPF
Telephone: +1.541.740-0540
E-mail: Brian@MediationClarity.com
Post Office Box 1673
Corvallis, OR  97339-1673

Is your organization self-limiting? Does “internal friction” keep it from climbing that last hill leading to success? Is it ready to evolve into something greater, but the right stimulus just isn't there?

Clarity will help your organization to break through its internal barriers to reach full potential, and will also convey the techniques and skills that will help you solve your own problems and excel in the future.

Your organization is different from every other organization. It has distinctive issues and needs, and it consists of unique individuals who interact in their own special way. No "cookie cutter" or "checklist" approach can possibly take you to true excellence.

Clarity does not set out to "fix" your organization for you, either by giving you "The Answer" or by imposing changes on your people. Instead, Clarity helps you to understand the true (and possibly hidden) roadblocks to your organization's success, helps you to devise an action plan, facilitates action steps as needed, and prepares you to continue your evolution on your own.

From ensuring that a single meeting produces stunning results, to helping you achieve a complete organizational "makeover," Clarity's full range of organization development (OD) services can be tailored to your organization's needs.

Interested? Read on!

To begin, click on the Getting Started link in the menu to the left. In the page which appears, pick the label which most closely resembles your organization's current state, and read what Clarity can do for you. Or just browse that page, if you wish to get a broad view.

Next, click on the Services 'Catalog' link to look at the specific services and 'products' that Clarity offers. Since areas of the Getting Started page link to the 'Catalog', you may already have read about some of these things. But review each, because you never know when an idea might be triggered...

Then click the Working Together link to learn about the typical flow of a relationship with Clarity.

Finally, look over our Client Testimonials. These uncompensated comments by satisfied clients will give you an idea of just how much there is to be gained by partnering with Clarity.

Once you are convinced, contact us for more information or to set up an initial interview!

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