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What services does Clarity provide?

Your organization's journey to success may require a variety of activities or techniques. Think of this page as a menu, from which you and Clarity can choose one or more services to fill your particular needs, from an organizational "snack" to a full "banquet". Since each of these services will be tailored to your particular requirements and situation, only descriptions are given. Also please be aware that these activities often have "soft boundaries", that is, depending on the situation, they can be blended into one another to achieve the best results.

You can get detailed information on each of Clarity's services by clicking on the indented items in the menu to your left. The services are:

  • Meeting design and facilitation — Great meetings don't just happen. They require design, planning, and skilled facilitation
  • Strategic planning assistance — To get your organization from "here and now" to the future state you envision, you should have a realistic, achievable, and aggressive plan.
  • Organization imagination events — Most of the answers to your problems are hidden within your own organization... but how do you discover them?
  • Board and executive teamwork — To survive in today's climate, your leadership group must function as a close-knit team. Let Clarity help transform them.
  • Leadership coaching and consulting — Leaders need help too, to test their ideas and to coach them to greater successes.
  • Mediation and dispute resolution — Every organization experiences interpersonal disputes. The results are far better if the parties devise the solution, but this often requires skilled help.
  • Process optimization — How much more effective or efficient could your organization be if just one of your processes was fine-tuned?


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