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Board and executive teamwork enhancement

Leadership is a critical role, and leadership groups must function as teams if they are to work for the best interests of the organization and the community. But far too often, even the best-intentioned boards or executives perform their duties as groups of individuals, missing out on the synergy and sheer pleasure that true teamwork provides.

Many organizations occasionally try "team-building activities": brainstorming sessions, or group trips to the movies (where everyone sits isolated in the dark!), or wilderness or rope-climbing activities to "create trust" between members. Unfortunately most of these activities do not improve teamwork where it is truly needed: in the boardroom or in the workplace.

Clarity can help. Our "secret weapon" for effective team-building is to help you during real work, in a manner that fits your particular organization and concentrates on the areas where you need specific help.

Together, we will assess how your leadership team works together, assessing key criteria:

  • Communication
  • Purpose and goals
  • Skill mix and distribution of duties
  • Shared sense of responsibility
  • Participation
  • Accountability and measurement
  • Processes of conducting business
  • Then, through work-related group exercises, facilitated discussions, and individual coaching, we will work together to raise the effectiveness and commitment of each person as a member of the team.


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