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Strategic planning assistance

You know what your organization is doing right now. You probably have a fair idea of what you would like it to be doing three years from now. But do you know how you are going to get to your future state from your present state? Goals aren't enough — you need a plan!

Clarity will lead you through a process to help you describe your desired future and create a step-by-step plan for achieving it. The process will entail:
  1. Defining the present
  2. Describing the desired future
  3. Analyzing the differences and gaps
  4. Determining who must be involved in the change process
  5. Defining the changes which must be made
  6. Establishing measurement and feedback to keep the effort alive
  7. Communicating the plan and empowering the change agents

The keys to successful strategic change are realistic plans and an involved organization. Clarity strongly recommends a highly interactive process in which your organization's membership participates in the problem solving and future planning. This elicits the practical knowledge from those "in the trenches", uses their considerable problem-solving skills, and gives them a substantial sense of ownership in the success of the plan. We will help you to get this engagement through appropriate activities, which may range from focus groups to large-scale Organization Imagination Events.


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