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Process optimization

Every organization uses processes — ways of getting the job done. Large organizations often formalize their processes, sometimes to the point of being heavily bureaucratic. In contrast, in many smaller organizations most processes are informal, unwritten, and/or implicit. This is often an artifact of the organization's beginnings, when one or two people could do everything and could make procedural changes as they were needed.

Whether your organization is large or small, your processes should be revisited every so often. In times of rapid growth, the "old way" may no longer be getting the job done; in slower times, inefficiencies can cost you vital time and money.

Clarity provides the rare trait of complementing our organization and personnel improvement skills with a wealth of experience in project management and process improvement in an engineering environment. In the course of helping your organization to run more effectively, we can help you to refine your processes so that your organization also runs more efficiently.

Most process enhancements are evolutionary, rather than revolutionary: they consist of small changes or "tweaks" to what you are already doing. However, there are also those "jackpot" changes that can make a huge difference to your bottom line, be it measured in dollars or the quality of service you provide the community.

Most exciting, many of those potential improvements are already known to someone in your organization — but that person may not know the extent of the benefit, or may feel unable to raise the idea to someone who could make it happen.

Clarity can help you to find those valuable improvements one or a combination of three ways:

  1. By leading you through an Organization Imagination Event.
  2. By helping your employees or members collaborate during a specific improvement project.
  3. By direct observation, analysis, and recommendation.


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