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Organization imagination events

Have your members or employees ever said any of the following about your organization?

  • "We're too close to the problem."
  • "We have lots of good ideas, but no way to turn them into a plan."
  • "Why should we pay an outsider to tell us what we already know?"
  • "We can't see the forest for the trees."
  • "If only someone could get us started, we could take it from there."
  • "We're in a rut."

Some consulting firms are justifiably viewed with suspicion, because they swoop in from the outside, quickly recommend a "sure fire" solution, and then leave you to sell it to your organization and implement it (if you can).

The truth is, the majority of the wisdom needed to move your organization forward is already known by someone, somewhere... within your organization! Typically the information is diffused among a lot of people, or it may be known to people who have no voice, or the solutions may be "hidden in plain sight" and not recognized for what they are.

All you need is a way to turn those ideas into a sensible action plan.

Clarity is trained and experienced in convening events explicitly designed to collect, assess, and utilize the energy and imagination of your organization's members. There are many proven techniques that can be used to help you help yourself to envision and realize your potential.

Clarity can help you choose which of these techniques is most appropriate for your particular situation, and can also create a hybrid or unique technique to meet your special needs. We will help you design the meeting and choose the attendees from within your organization, and we will then facilitate the event for you so that you can concentrate on participating.

Clarity's clients have had remarkable results from these events (see the Client Testimonials page), and you can too.


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